Raymando Yang - Sergeant Application [ACCEPTED]

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Raymando Yang
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Raymando Yang - Sergeant Application [ACCEPTED]

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  • Why would you like to become a Sergeant?
    • The reasons that have pushed me to apply for this position are several. First of all, ever since I've joined the department, I've always felt like I could do more, like I could accomplish more than I currently am. I am still feeling that and I probably continuously will. Since I have transferred to the Correctional Officer division, I have done my best to stay on top of my duties, always striving to better myself as an Officer, as well as set an example for my colleagues.

      Being in the RED and TD, I already have a decent grasp on what it's like training and supervising people from their first day, therefore I feel like the Sergeant role would allow me to do that more efficiently. Given the recent decay of the Supervisor, Command and High Command divisions, leaving only the Warden to handle all of their duties by himself, It is my obligation to step up and help ease the load, especially when I know I am capable and ready for it.

      For me, personally, Rank and Designation don't have a prominent meaning, I can do my best and improve the DoC's current state in any position, but being a Sergeant would give me the possibility, right and responsibility to more directly influence the development of other Officers, something that I am excited about. In addition to that, I personally owe the Warden a great deal for giving me all of these opportunities and for holding us all together for such a long time, therefore, I take it upon myself to help with that in any way I can.
  • How could you help the Department of Corrections as a Sergeant?
    • As I have stated above, the statute of Sergeant would not change my attitude or provide any serious differences in my attempt to help the department. I will continue doing what I am doing now, but taking more responsibility on my shoulders and keeping a more firm grasp on everything that is happening and the way everyone is operating. As everyone has probably noticed, I don't have an issue with large amounts of paperwork, in fact, I rather enjoy it, so I would keep track of all Duty Logs and Spreadsheets accordingly.

      Furthermore, I would not bask in my position's title, but rather keep my head straight and keep the same approach with my fellow officers, only making use of the Sergeant role in dire situations, when a firm hand and immediate decision is necessary. I would keep running the prison to the best of my ability, involving myself further in any and all activities involving the Department and making sure we all keep a professional and correct approach to every situation. This way I would strive to keep the Department of Corrections name up there in the citizen's minds, and not tarnish everything my superiors and previous superiors have worked for.

      Lastly, even though this doesn't have much to do with the role itself, I will focus more on the Division I am currently running and make sure it is operating accordingly. I like doing things all by myself but I ought to still attempt to get more people in HR so we can have an actually functional division with multiple members and opinions. My goals don't stop here, and they probably never will stop anywhere. I'll continue moving up and implementing ideas that, in my humble opinion, will bring the Department up with me.

  • DATE: 28/MAY/2021

Department of Corrections,
Chief of Human Resources
CSOB | OVW Operative | TRU Probationary Operative
OOTW | CID Investigator-In-Training

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Re: Raymando Yang - Sergeant Application

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Thank you for your interest in the Sergeant Training Program. We are happy to inform you that you have PASSED the preliminary stage and background investigation. Your promotion to Corporal is pending following a discussion with HR at Bolingbroke.

If you have any questions or require clarification, please contact a Lieutenant.

Best Regards,
Command Team
Department of Corrections

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