Paul Gorham - Sergeant Application [ACCEPTED]

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Paul Gorham
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Paul Gorham - Sergeant Application [ACCEPTED]

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  • Why would you like to become a Sergeant?
    • Minimum of 4 sentences
      I would like to be a sergeant because, not only do I thrive in positions of command but, I would like to help in positive change within DOC as I have at SD in a supervisory position. In my future within the SADOC I aspire to reach command ranks hopefully through TRU and OVW as this sector is where my experience comes from. I believe that as a sergeant I can further better my knowledge of the department and the state that I serve as a corrections officer. As it is well known I was a corporal in the SASD and a highly skilled one at that, I have experience in all fields of that department and I would like to bring my skill set as a supervisor at SD to the department of corrections. Paul Gorham SASD qualifications
  • How could you help the Department of Corrections as a Sergeant?
    • Minimum of 5 sentences
    As a sergeant I will help the department of corrections with my vast knowledge of outside protocols (for usage in TRU and OVW), my skills as an ACC instructor will come in use for TRU and combat care; and much more. I am very efficient with paperwork as shown by my SD employment division command qualification and I was very punctual as a supervisor and I was not afraid to push for things that I see are right. I am always willing to learn new things, I can help the DOC but in the end, DOC will help me better my knowledge of the legal system and the corrections process. I hope to become a sergeant so I can bring all of my qualifications to good use here at DOC but, in end I am here to serve the badge and the state so, becoming a supervisor once again can help me on the path to becoming the best possible me.
  • DATE: 24/MAR/2021

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Robert Pickering
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Re: Paul Gorham - Sergeant Application

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Thank you for your interest in the Sergeant Training Program. We are happy to inform you that you have PASSED the preliminary stage and background investigation. Your promotion to Corporal is pending following a discussion with HR at Bolingbroke.

If you have any questions or require clarification, please contact a Lieutenant.

Best Regards,
Command Team
Department of Corrections

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