Dexter Greenwood - CTP Profile

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Dexter Greenwood - CTP Profile

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Corrections Training Program Review

Put a X in the box when a step has been completed in each CTP. Also post the date and the name of the training officer supervising the recruit.

Trainees Name: Dexter Greenwood


Date: 25-02-2021
Training Officer: Hendry brown
  • [x] Initial tour of the prison facilities (inside and outside)
  • [x] Been instructed and guided through all the steps in the TRAINING HANDBOOK & Hostage Negotiation Handbook
  • [x]Has gone on x5 transports [5] & Has watched x5 processes [5]
  • [x] Have read, understand and sign both handbook as R&U on the DOC forums
Comments: Finished at 26-02-2021


Date: 28-02-2021
Training Officer: Hendry Brown
  • [x] Been in the [x]Lead/[x]Bus/[x]Follow car as a passenger
  • [x] Has processed x5 10-15's with guided help
  • [x] Have started using the 10-codes while communicating on the radio
  • [x] Have submitted a duty report on the website
Comments: Finished at 01-03-2021


Date: 01-03-2021
Training Officer: Hendry Brown
  • [2] Processed x5 10-15s without help
  • [x] Have shown correct usage of radio codes and confidence shown while communicating over radioer
  • [x] Can do a transport showing complete confidence including radio calls
  • [x] Has been on 2 Pit training
Comments: Answer here


CTP 4 will be conducted by training department on a day they can set up most recruits on this CTP to show up. They are to Coordinate with TRU & Overwatch members to host.

Training Officer:
  • [x] Mock transport hit
  • [ ] Pit training to correct anything seen during the mock hit
  • [ ] Mock hostage situation
  • [ ] Perform final interview
Comments: Answer here
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